Tuesday, 31 January 2012

i will never say no to THIS...xD

oh girl..u've got to be the luckiest girl in the world..

i want this kind of proposal too..*daydreaming..teheee :)

my friend showed me this video..and now i cant stop replaying this..look at this romantic he is right..n cute too..ehe..the choices of songs also great..the place is beautiful..everything so perfect..congrats!:)

p/s: dear my destined man, please watch this..:)

you sneaky mommmm!, u're uglyyyy!..he he :)

oh kids..why u so cute huh..?
really thx..u made my day! :D

Thursday, 26 January 2012

asam garam di dapur..

orang cakap klo masak dengan ikhlas dengan penuh kasih syg..iAllah masakan kite jadi my problem is  sy x merungut pn nk msk..dengan penuh excited google segala resipi nak masak bgun pagi2 g pasar dngan bahagianye spent hours at kichen nyanyi lalalalala masak masak but the result still frustating..this is 3rd time this week sy masak x jadi..i love to cook..bcz im a person who loves eat so much..esp my fav try jgk buat sbb sy slalu klo da pndai masak xyh la susah2 nk g beli kt luar + jimat cmtu lah..should i give up in cooking..or should add more effort..??huh..japg nk try buat kek batik..ngidam nk makan..hopefully jadi la..:)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

#30 things about me

1) i dont really fancy blue colour..i really love other colours
2) i love chocolate with hazelnut or almond in it
3) i cant resist shopping
4) i cant resist food
5) my favorite authors are sophie kinsella and cecelia ahern..i dont like heavy reading materials like Dan Brown (couldnt think much..tehee)..
6) i love singing but i dont have good i just sing slow when im with friends or family
7) i love literature but i dont hav e talent in it..i really admire people who's expert in language..always dream to be them but its so impossible for me who have language retarded i guess..
8) clumsy..enough to describe how people dont trust me much in doing anything..
9) tend to forget things easily..really hate this part of mine..i have to recall hardly whenever i lost things..huh\
10) people say im immature..yes which is so true..but i dont think its become a problem if u have immature behavior but mature in no biggy act.
11) i wanna have many kids..(long way to go)..ehe
12) i love fashion
13) the series i follow are how i met your mother, pretty little liars, vamp diaries, friends and one tree hills coming soon..
14) love watching korean drama, for song only certain songs because i dont know what the song means..
15) know a little bit arabic and korean
16) love to travel
17) im not from rich i have to use my own money to shop or travel..thank god i got scholarship..:)
18) the things i couldnt live with are my lptop, hp, mp4..if i have all these three..i'll be fine on my own..
19) really independent..
20) im not a bimboo because im not pretty...but i called myself bamboo since i dont know lots of general knowledge..ehe
21) i dont like to cover my feet with blanket while feet easily become sweat..
22) i know how to cook but unfortunately my cook always taste i'll tell ppl i dont know how to cook..i dont want they expect much from me..
23) petite girl with 147 cm in height and 38 kg in so small u know..
24) mumbling future husband seriously need to prepare a powerful earphone..:p
25) wanna live a simple life with a small car, small house but lotsa money to shop and travel and delicious yummy food..
26) easily get chub and easily lose weight too..high metabolism person lah..
27) currently single and im happy being single..not a single thought to find boyfie..i'll think about it next year kot..
28) not really tech's bestfriend..always have problem with tech..
29) simple..
30) dont know how to make friend..i can count with finger how many friends i have..

------------yezzah!thats 30 things about me..--------------:)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

25 january..

hurm..whats so so important with 25 jan eh..ala xkn xle agak kan..yay!!!today's my bday yaw..happy bday to me..:)..i cant believe that im 23 now..twenty three..can u imagine urself now 23..the age in which ppl will call u as adult..ha ha..but me..still immature petite girl who always doing everything wrong..spills things out..oh mai..i will never change..before this..i taught when im 23, im no longer this everythin x even umur brape pn..i still cmni lah..xp long as im happy this way..x perlu lah nk ubah ape2 pn tonight, im celebrating my birthday with top big bang..ehe..itu j yang the person im waiting to wish my bday x wish redha..da tanak mengharap lagi..sedih x..??nahhh..klo sedih pn xle wt ape2..since kete kt umah xd road i x dpt nk treat myself with sth lah..klo ikotkan hati nk j dok tepi pntai mkn aiskrim, mkn ape2 lah yg i mngidam or little bit shopping here and there..but then xd road tax kan, i can treat myself any other day lah..k lah..before i im miss buttercup wishing those who's celebrating birthday on 25th January happy bestday and may this year brings u lotsa smiles!!!!:D

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BUTTERCUP!:)

yuna inspired..

been downloading yuna inspired episodes just now..why..?im not really her fan act..but im a fan of her kot lagu the reason im downloding her video cz i wanna see her style and i love her english..the way she speaks in english best lah..jom tgok..:)..

Friday, 20 January 2012

sometimes love's intoxicating...

  1.                                      the script - nothing

top 15 hugh grant's movies..

oke here are the lists of top 15 hugh grant's pieces..i googled it just now..depends on u guys wanna agree or decided yet cz i dont watch it all so a fan of him btw..( im watching music & lyrics for second time..( here the list..
1) Notting hills
2) 4 weddings and funeral
3) About a boy
4) Bridget jones's diary
5) Nine months
6) Two weeks notice
7) Love actually
8) The englishman
9) Music and lyrics
10) Mickey blue eyes
11) Sense and sensibility
12) American dreamz
13) Bridget jones
14) Extreme measures
15) Small time crook

                             HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THE MOVIES (:

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

year III first sem break.. comes my 3 weeks hols..what to do eh at home..yeah i planned a lot before getting home u know..but then ble sampai umah malas la plak..ingt nk kemas umah, baking, cooking, cat umah, try jahit baju..nahhh it seems so impossible now..malas malas malas..yeah penyakit malas xd ubat so so tomorrow im gonna hunt any mydin mall yes the only mall kt buy joysticks n few games..weee...n since laptop rosak..i already asked my dear friend, to burn a few series n movies in cd..loveyah!( i can watch it in tv with big screen..yeah totally heaven..(:..there goes my hols yaw..!!!:D :D